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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

With solar energy being one of the most sought after sustainable sources of power, it’s becoming more affordable and accessible than ever before while reducing the bills of thousands of people within South Australia alone. Taking sunlight and turning into energy is a great technological advancement that we are fortunate enough to use today, with more homeowners than ever making the switch to solar.

If you’re new to the solar game, you ought to know exactly what you should be looking for when it comes to choosing a solar installation team. You might have come across a solar provider who said they’d “do it on the cheap”, only to find yourself out of pocket and stuck with a dodgy solar system, now needing to fork out more to replace what should’ve been done right the first time.

While it’s a growing market, this also means it’s becoming increasingly difficult for customers to find the ‘good guys’ of solar and avoid the ones who leave customers high and dry. When you get solar installation on your home, office or commercial property, you want to get it right the first time – the installation should be pristine, completed within budget and schedule, left in a tidy manner and finished with the utmost quality.

When looking for tip-top service from your solar provider, it’s best to check out a few things before making the switch.

Do your research and ask accordingly

Being as informed as possible will give you a leg up when it comes to finding the right solar system provider in Adelaide. Do some research about what panels suit your roof and ask about the process of your installation – this will show you mean business and your provider should endeavour to answer all of your questions and give you as much information as they can about the job. The more you ask the better; the right solar installer will make you feel confident in their work because they offer a quality service and understand the right solar system for your roof, requirements and budget.

Presentation is everything

Though you might not think about it, the way your solar provider presents themselves says a lot about their workmanship and just how well they will get the job done. By showing up to the job on time, in a presentable and clean manner, being respectful and polite, while completing the job on time and within budget, makes for a world-class solar installation team. This means they also leave the site in a clean, tidy state, and leave you with a smile and ready-to-sunbake solar panels.

If you’ve been searching for a solar installation team in Adelaide that ticks all the right boxes, you’ve found the team at Transformed Energy Solutions. We’re the ‘good guys’ of solar that will get the job completed with the utmost quality, respect and timeliness that will have you wishing you installed solar panels years ago. Give us a call today or fill out your details for a no-obligation quote.

Do your research on the products they offer

While you would think it's an obvious thing to look for, many customers don't ask or research the products that are being installed with their new solar system.

With so much competition in the solar market place and so many competing brands, its easy to get lost and end up with subpar systems.

Always research and ask questions around the inverters, panels and other equipment being installed with your system. Check the awarrenty being offered and never be afraid to ask about possible upgradable or better options to ensure that your system works at its maximum capacity.

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