New Home Electrical First Fix
New Home Electrical First Fix Adelaide

Electrical First Fix Adelaide

An important part of building a new home is to secure the services of a qualified electrician early in the process. Having a first fix electrician as part of your new home build from the start will allow you to plan service outlets and wiring in advance to work within the architectural layout of your home, in addition to optimum function in normal household use.

Our team of qualified, experienced electricians understand the new home electrical process, and can assist in all of the fine details of the first fix wiring, with recommendation on outlet placement, and equipment to be used that are specific to your needs. We can also provide temporary power for builders prior to completing the first and second fix stages, right down to the installation of lights and power points.

We can provide advice and recommendations on a full range of first fix new home electrical services, including:

  • Energy Efficient Products
  • Home Theatre & Audio
  • Data Cabling Networking
  • Alarms, CCTV & Security
  • Air conditioning and Heating
  • Solar Power
  • Under tile heating
  • Outlet placement

With over 25 years combined experience, our focus is on providing quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and being among the best providers of first fix new home electrical services in Adelaide. We understand that customer satisfaction is paramount and will do everything necessary to complete projects within the necessary time schedule, within budget and to the highest standards.

All of our First Fix New Home Electrical services are undertaken in accordance with current best practices and all work is guaranteed to comply with the highest standards. Transformed Energy Solutions carry up to date insurances in accordance with the Industry standards, and all of our Domestic Electricians have the relevant qualifications and certifications.

Contact us today to discuss your first fix new home electrical requirements.