Electrical Switchboard Upgrades Adelaide
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Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Adelaide

Your switchboard is the heart of the electrical system of your home. If your switchboard is old or not coping with the power requirements of your home, it might be time to consider and electrical switchboard upgrade.

The older style switchboards use replaceable wires on the fuses, which have a greater tendency to short circuit and provide a greater risk of fuses catching fire or giving electric shocks.

How to know if your switchboard needs upgrading

  • You have the older style replaceable wire fuses
  • You have ceramic or plugin fuses
  • You have frequent blown fuses or circuit breaker overload
  • Your lights flicker from dim to bright
  • You do not have safety switches (Residual Current Device)

An Electrical Switchboard upgrade is beneficial if for no other reason than installing a Residual Current Device (RCD), or a Safety Switch. Whilst circuit breakers may protect against high current overload, they do not prevent electrocutions or faults to appliances. A switchboard upgrade with a Safety Switch will provide protection to both the occupants and appliances in the home, and it has been a requirement that all houses that are sold or leased after 1993 have a Safety Switch installed.

How much does a Switchboard Upgrade cost?

An Electrical Switchboard Upgrade is an affordable investment in the safety of your home’s electrical system. The cost of a switchboard upgrade will generally be determined by the size of your home and your electrical requirements, as well as the number of circuit breakers and safety switches required. Typically, the average electrical switchboard upgrade will cost between $800 and $1,200. If we need to relocate your fuse box or relocate your mains, there would be additional costs involved.

If you would like us to assess your current switchboard or quote for a replacement, please contact us.

Electrical Meter Box Relocation

We also provide electrical meter box relocation. If you have an adequate Electrical Switchboard and require only an electrical meter box relocation, we can assist in the movement to the new location and any associated wiring changes that may be required.

If you would like us to assess your current switchboard for relocation, please contact us.